YouTuber Knocks On Strangers Doors, Then Pays Their Rent

February 22, 2020 Cool

A video clip was uploaded on the web showing the experiment, which attracted a sincere smile to every viewer’s face.

YouTube video from ThatWasEpic has impressed many around the world due to a very kind gesture!

YouTube guy behind ThatWasEpic channel was knocking door-to-door this time, making a total stranger’s day with a touching move. He first asked them how much they were paying for the rent, and then he reached into his pocket and offered them the same amount.

The first resident said that he was certainly his guardian angel – he could barely hand the rent from month to month, and the donated money was a “gift from God” for him.

Take a look at the wonderful gesture of a young man who paid the complete strangers the monthly rent. Hats down for such a move!