Young man sees dog fighting to survive – throws himself into the river and saves him just seconds before he drowns

October 31, 2018 Dogs


The well-being of our furry friends is very important to all of us, animal lovers. So important that humans risk their own lives, to save these innocent animals. Dogs are loving and faithful beings, who keep us company during difficult times. So the least these beautiful creatures deserve is a “guardian angel” to look out for them!

The Thames River, in London, was the place of an unfortunate incident that put a puppy’s life in danger…


The dog was only minutes away from drowning. Fortunately, a young man noticed the dog and, without hesitation, jumped to rescue him. Although the boy was able to save the pup, the two were trapped in the river. Then, the people who were watching the scene called the competent authorities.


The boy managed to get the dog and was grabbing a couple of chains, which were by the river. At that moment, their lives were at stake …


However, thanks to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, both the boy and the dog were saved. The young man was not even the owner of the canine, he was only his hero. The dog belonged to another man.


Our four-legged friends are always very energetic and playful. For this reason, we should always be alert when we find ourselves in places that can put our dogs’ lives in danger.

Check out the risky rescue in the video below: