Young girl instantly earns thousands of fans after belting out Elvis Presley classic on busy street

September 14, 2019 Other

A young girl became a viral sensation after a video of her performing an Elvis Presley’s classic song quickly went viral.

Allie Sherlock stood up in a busy street to sing, and she had never expected that she was about to become a star!

Allie chose to perform The King’s song “Can’t Help Falling in Love,”.  The song has long been popular because of it’s romantic melody and heartwarming lyrics, and it’s still just as loved today as it was nearly sixty years ago.

In the video below, Allie is seen performing the song when many passersby were so transfixed by her beautiful voice that they can’t help but stop dead in their tracks so that they can listen to her. At one point, a man and his young son even stopped to sing along with Allie.

Allie’s amazing performance has quickly gone viral, being viewed nearly 400,000 times! Now the young girl is hoping by this performance to be given the chance to be more recognized. Allie started playing guitar only few years ago, but we can agree that she’s truly musically gifted.

Remember Allie’s name, because this girl is going places! Check out her performance for yourself in the video below.

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