Women line up in matching red dresses. When they turn around the audience gasps in disbelief

January 6, 2018 Other

There is probably no one who likes to watch a good magic show, where the magician pulls out a rabbit from a hat or stuns you with a card trick. Magic is mesmerizing and fun to watch, you keep wandering how it is done but you failed to figure it out. This color-changing dress show for example is driving everyone crazy. You’re keeping your eyes on these women wearing cute red dresses dancing and suddenly the color changes and becomes yellow, then blue, and it’s not ending soon.. I’m completely baffled!


This video has been watched by millions of people, many commentators are still stumped and tried to solve the trick.

While it’s something like you’ve never seen before, it’s not the first magic trick ever happened. The first one is Gantziony’s work called “Natural and Unnatural Magic” written all the back in 1489. Since then, magicians started to reveal their trickery skills in front of public and sometimes worked for rich people to perform stunning magic shows. Nowadays, magic shows are a fun way to spend time with family and marvel at the unseen tricks of magicians!


We as humans are known by our curiosity so we are normally fascinated by the mystery and the unknown, and that’s why magic is popular all over the world. What happened in the video below is exactly what we’re talking about, the reactions of the guests say it all! the dancers stand in one line wearing red dresses and start their routine. Moments later, the audience goes wild as they suddenly see the colors of dresses changes mysteriously and drastically!

Watch this incredible magic routine unfold for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below!
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