This woman’s boss harassed her until she was forced to quit. But she got the last laugh.

September 29, 2017 Stories

“Years ago, I worked in a 24 hour call center. It wasn’t a bad job, but I was always getting pushed to the night shift. On the other side of the call center was a claims department that only worked the M-F, 9-5 shift and I jumped at the chance when a spot opened there. What a mistake. Turned out the manager was this older female, emotional vampire (EV) who did nothing all day long, but try to get you to tell her the worst things that happened to you, in order to play Dr. Phil. She fed off of/craved these stories and the 3 other girls that worked there played into it. All day long there was nothing but drama and it was annoying, but I dealt with it by ignoring it as best I could.

But that wasn’t good enough for EV, she wanted my stories, wanted me to sit with them and hand wring and cry with them all day. (I nearly bought stock in Kleenex). I refused to play along, drama bores me. So EV started this campaign of trying to get me to quit, in order to hire someone more sympathetic to their little circle. Suddenly all of my work was sub par, I was always late or leaving early (I wasn’t), she was bad mouthing me to everyone she could think of. She also got her 3 little baby vampires to harass me as well. Nasty comments all day, stuff getting spilled on my desk at my bathroom breaks, my lunches going missing (being found in the trash).
I’d finally had enough when she screwed me out of my raise on my bi-yearly review. I began secretly taking pictures of my desk before and after bathroom breaks, printing out the less than professional e-mails I was getting from her, kept an actual note on my desk that said ‘We don’t want you here anymore’. I took it all to my friend in HR along with my notice. (I’d found a better paying job anyway.) HR friend said she would look into it and was sorry to see me go.

On my last day EV just smirked at me as I walked out the door, thinking that she’d won. But her smile wasn’t nearly as big as mine when an IT friend who worked there, sent me a framed copy of EV’s ‘terminated for cause’ letter a month later as my birthday present. I called my friend in HR asking how things were going. Apparently EV tried the same drama routine on my replacement, who didn’t play along either, and tried the same ‘get them to quit’ tactics, not realizing that HR had sent a plant as my replacement, to verify my story.”

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