Woman worried when cops show up at her door, then they hand her bill that leaves her in tears

December 29, 2017 Stories

Most of us make efforts to find the ideal gift for the people we love during holidays. Streets and shops all have festive beautifications. It would appear like everybody is in a hurry preparing for the celebrations.

However, this is not for everyone. For a few individuals in Shawnee, Kansas, Christmas arrived early.

For three consecutive years, an unidentified donor has openhandedly given $10,000 to the society. Without any conditions on the sharing of the money, the police department decides who should get the $100 bills.

Most people get nervous when they see an officer in their house. Officer Herber starts with you are not in a problem to make residents comfortable.

According to Major Dan Tennis, the generous donation is intended to assist in strengthening the bond between the police and the community.

Erin Williams, a recipient of the Secret Santa Program, lost her car two months ago and became jobless this past spring.

William states that Stevens scared her somewhat. When she saw him, she kept wondering what has happened.

And there was the surprise of a fantastic gift.

Another beneficiary was stopped, but instead of the police writing a ticket, there was some money involved. The driver was delighted and very grateful.

The Secret Santa program is a blessing to the police and the community.

Tennis says that it is good to help during such time and they have had continuing experts getting filled with telling them about the people they have come across.
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