Woman Sings Opera At Night In Chile, Gets Amazing Response From Neighbours

November 27, 2019 Music

These days, a video has surfaced the Web, in which one of the opera singers showed off her singing talent in the middle of the night.

She sang the opera song on the balcony, and at the end of the performance she received a great response from many neighbors, which made the video quickly become a web sensation.

The opera singer sang one of the songs in the evening when the city was already covered by darkness. The video was captured in the capital Santiago, Chile, and has taken over many Internet users to this day.

When the woman ended her performance, many of the surrounding residents came forward. They shouted and clapped her loudly to let her know how much they were excited about her performance.

Check out the scene from the capital of Chile, when all the attention was stolen by a talented opera singer. Will her performance impress you too?