Woman rides up on a bridleless horse. What she does when music starts playing has everyone in the crowd gasping

February 2, 2018 Pets

Horses are some of the most interesting animals that interact with humans. They are powerful and when trained properly, they just amaze at what they can do with you on their back. They can run, jump or just give you an amazing ride. In the past they were also used to fight battles as well as to provide power for certain industries like farming and milling. Use of horses in battle was equivalent to having tanks in modern war fare. They enable soldiers to have an advantage over those who did not have any horses. That can be attributed to their height and speed. Their fast speed meant that one soldier could easily out maneuver several soldiers and kill them with his sword.
In the video below, the horse is not being used to kill butt to amuse. The talented rider had spent a long time training this horse to the point that she does not need to use a bridle to ride her. They are just in sync with each other. It is just amazing that she was able to achieve this fit without anyone teaching her how to do it.

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