Woman picks up karaoke mic at Sam’s Club and begins to sing- becomes viral sensation overnight

February 6, 2019 Stories

The day Christina Kokonis-Viggers and her dear friend Amanda Lasher walked into a store in New York, they didn’t expect that bump into a nice karaoke machine right inside an Ulster Sam’s Club will turn into a viral moment. When the good two friends walked past the singing machine, without thinking twice, Christina did something that shocked her friend as well as the fellow shoppers.

She grabbed a microphone and set about the incredible business of making people drool at her stunning musical performance. For a start, this cool lady didn’t give a hoot about what other people thought about her behavior, but the fact that everyone in the store fell in love with her performance rests the case. Even her friend Amanda didn’t feel embarrassed a bit, instead she whipped out her phone and started to record her friend’s performance. We’re so glad she did!

To take things a notch higher, Christina chooses to take on one of the nicest songs ever – Cabaret’s “Maybe This Time.” By the time she was through, a loud applause was already in order! And then her friend convinced her to post the video!

Amanda told ABC 7 New York that everyone in the store was impressed by her friend’s impromptu performance.

“Afterwards, she got like this great applause. That was amazing.”

No one believed that such an incredible voice came from an everyday Sam’s Club shopper!

The clip has since garnered over 12 million views and counting! You’ve to see this.

Watch Christina’s impromptu performance on a supermarket karaoke machine in the video below.

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