Woman is dying of cancer – gets her wish granted when a special friend visits her at the hospital

May 12, 2019 Dogs

Cancer is a devastating disease that can be difficult to spot at first. And sometimes, it goes undetected until after it’s too late.

When Rejane Chili learned that she had cancer, she was 49 years old. By the time her doctors made the diagnosis, her cancer had already progressed quite far, and a few weeks later, Rejane and her family realized that wasn’t going to leave the hospital.

Rejane’s entire family stayed by her side, except for one member, who was conspicuously missing: Rejane’s beloved dog Ritchie.

As every animal lover knows, dogs are family. But sadly, Ritchie wasn’t welcome at the hospital and Rejane was too sick to visit him.

Then when Rejane’s condition took a sharp turn for the worse, Rejane’s doctors felt that it was imperative that she see Ritchie one last time.

So despite strict rules against bringing animals to the hospital, they made an exception for Ritchie, writes Brazilian newspaper Globo.

The doctors asked Rejane’s son Tiago to go get Ritchie, and brought Rejane to a special room that was set for the special visit.

Tiago put Ritchie into a taxi and quickly brought him to the hospital.

And when Ritchie arrived, here was no question about it, he and Rejane were both overjoyed to see each other.

Ritchie couldn’t hold back his happiness. He rushed to Rejane’s bedside and couldn’t stop licking her face.

The moment was witnessed by more than 20 hospital staff members and was also captured on video:

Despite the fact that this story is destined to have a sad ending, it’s still nice to see Rejane happy one last time.

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