Woman Films Herself Having Sex With Her Dog – Denies Everything, Escapes Jail

March 8, 2018 Stories


There is nothing like warming up during a cold winter month with some Kentucky Bourbon. It helps to warm the bones and joints, while giving you the feeling of euphoria. While touring the bourbon distillery,a couple noticed something moving in a trash bag. They finished their tour and then went home. The entire time while at home they kept thinking about the movement in the trash bag. They decided to head back up to the distillery and see if the trash bag was still there. Upon arrival they could see that the trash bag was there with a puppy inside.


The puppy was seemingly trying to stay warm within the trash bags. Unsure of how long he had been there, the woman Katheine Kulka and her husband took the dog back home with them in a blanket that they had laid in the back seat of their car. During an interview with the KHS, Ms. Kulka said that the puppy was weak and you could see his bones, but he immediately warmed up to them as they petted him and hugged him. The dog was found cold in the trash bags when the temperatures were in the teens. The KHS and Andrea Blair,who was a representative decided to name the dog Whiskey, who was later picked up by a loving family for a new and loving life.