Woman Beats All The Odds And Rescues A Dying Kitty, What A Heart!

September 13, 2017 Stories

There are many unsung heroes who go unnoticed. One fearless and selfless one deserves a badge of honor.

Dorella Tuckwiller heard the desperate cries of a tiny kitten. The little feline was stuck in the drain pipe. How about the weather? The storms raged on, and the poor kitty had zero chances of surviving. Well, Dorella decided to do something about the cat’s situation. The brave and selfless woman risked her life to save the cat. Ignoring the raging waters and the dangers that come with it, she crawled into the pipe, her head first. She immersed herself in the pipe and pulled out the drowning kitty.

The selfless woman drags herself out of the pipe. She handles the cat to the other rescuers before they pull her out. The kitty looks scared and cold. Dorella showers the cute cat with kisses as the other rescuers work on keeping the cat warm. We hope the kind finds a lovely foster home.

Watch the raw footage and see Dorella in action. We need more people like her. What did you think of the rescue mission? Please SHARE on Facebook.