Widow of Fallen Soldier Sold Car to Make Ends Meet. 14 Years Later, Strangers Bought it Back For Her Son’s Birthday

November 26, 2017 Stories

In 2003, the US launched Operation Iraqi Freedom on Iraqi soil. Having enlisted in 2001 and worked up to the rank of a Lieutenant, Jonathan Rozier was among the soldiers who got deployed. But fate didn’t play out so well for him. Rozier was killed in June the same year. He left behind a widow and a 9-month-old son, Justin. He also left a car, a 1999 Toyota Celica.

Fast-forward over 14 years later, and Justin is now a promising teen growing into a great man. His mom, Johns, raised the kid by herself. She had to sell the car to off-set bills and pay for Justin’s care. One day, she was looking for Justin’s documents when she came across the car’s registration details. She there and then made up her mind to give Justin his late dad’s car for his birthday. But she had sold the car years ago!

Jessica Johns took to social media, enlisting the help of friends and family to find the car. She did find it, and the owner agreed to sell it back. Now you want to watch the whole story as covered in this video. The teen is overjoyed!
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