Water Rushes Down Australia’s Moonan Brook River During Drought

January 14, 2020 Stories


Fiona Coddington from the town of Moonan Brook in Western Australia has shared an online scene that many describe as a true miracle.

Due to the fires and high temperatures, many rivers have been drained, and these days, especially in the highlands, they have received a “shipment” of rain.
Fiona wrote under the video that not a drop of rain had fallen in her place, but despite the drought, the Moonan Brook River in the town of the same name came to life. After a long time, the water finally overflown the river bed.

The river was revived by a storm that had only rampaged in the Barrington Tops highlands just before.

Many residents in Australia have described the river rising as a real miracle that will be very helpful in the fight against fiery teeth. Take a look at the scene when the river came to life in Moonan Brook!