He Wanted To Kick A Dog On The Beach. See What Happened To Him. Karma!

August 31, 2017 Dogs


It’s on a beach, and this guy and his friends are having their good times. However, this guy doesn’t want the day to end without him getting served a good dose of karma, so he looks into the distance and spots an innocent dog playing on the beach. He decides to make his day by kicking the poor canine. However, Karma steps in just in time to deliver the perfect lesson. Next? It’s hilarious!

Watch as the guy runs after the dog and fails miserably. What he doesn’t know is that this dog has friends too, and they’re willing to give him the chase of his life if he tries to mess around with any of them. But these canines are smart beings. They’re not in the business of hurting anyone. They made him fall into the water!

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Young Man Attempts To Kick Stray Dog At Beach And Gets Dose Of Instant Karma!! ?

Publié par Random Stuff sur lundi 3 avril 2017