Two Unlikely Visitors Walk Into The Hospital . Where They Head Has Everyone’s Hearts Melt Away

February 12, 2018 Stories


St. Andrew Campus had some unlikely guests walking about hall. The pit bulls, Nero and Emma, strolled into the hospital through the automatic sliding doors and proceeded to walk through the halls frightening patients and staff alike. Security cameras present captured the tail-wagging pit bulls adventuring all areas of the hospital.

Frightening and shocking everyone they encountered, there were several chilling screams from The hall way as people retreated to nearby rooms. The dogs continued on their adventure to the pharmaceutical wing . The pharmacist shocked by unexpected guests called the hospital Guards who responded quickly.

The friendly pit bulls were met with loving scratches by the hospital’s security team who ushered them out of the pharmacy. The dogs’ tags were examined and then one of the guard called the nearby police station to report the incident as the other kept them company the two canines were well taken special care of until police officers arrived.

One of the security guards was openly distraught when police officers arrived to take the pit bulls away, it’s as if he had quickly bonded with them.

Photo:Facebook/St. Luke's University Health Network

The officers took the pit bulls back to their owner who was a widow who lived alone. She was so excited to have Emma and Nero back, she said “I don’t know what I would have done if they never came back, my dead husband left them to me so I cherish them very much.”