Two people fight over a dog in Judge Judy’s court— Now watch when she asks for the dog to be let loose

April 27, 2018 Dogs

Judge Judy is known for her no-nonsense attitude over menial issues brought to her attention. Her cases range from unpaid bills to far-fetched accusations. Whenever she has handled any case, people have always noted her ingenious side of solving different issues.

Judge Judy had an interesting case concerning a man’s best friend, the dog.

The plaintiff says his dog, Baby Boy, ran away from home and was nowhere to be found. The defendant was a local woman who bought the same dog for $50 for her mom in front of a local mall.

There was a head-to-head struggle between the plaintiff and the defendant. Whose dog was it? The woman even produced documents to prove the dog was hers.

The judge decided the owner of the dog in a genius move. The Judge asked the woman to let the puppy loose. And to their surprise, the dog ran to the real owner.

Watch the heartwarming footage below and let us know what you think.
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