Two grannies throw back shots of Fireball Whisky for the first time – Reaction has internet dying of laughter

January 14, 2018 Stories

Fireball Whisky is a liqueur blended with Canadian Whisky and natural cinnamon flavours that has become a very popular shot drink amongst the younger generations because it is a hot, potent, great tasting drink.

So YouTube channel Obsev Entertainment were curious about how elderly people would react when they taste this alcoholic beverage, so they decided to conduct an experiment on four cool, kindhearted grandmas trying shots of Fireball for the first time. And the results are too hilarious!

These grandmas were good drinkers in their heyday. One grandma says: “I will admit, I probably have something to drink every day, ’cause I like a glass of wine.But harder drinks, it’s usually in a party mood, going out to dinner. It’s part of my life, for sure.”

Another grandma adds: “Been to a lot of exciting parties. During the Olympics, I had the entire Spanish yachting team to a big party in the backyard. That was very fun. Spaniards, you know.”

You need to watch the video for yourself to see what happens when they start to taste the alcohol. You won’t regret it!
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