Twin tells sister she wants to be a teacher, 2-year-old’s response has whole internet dying of laughter

January 14, 2018 Stories

One of the most important decisions to take in life is choosing your professional carrer.

There are many jobs out there to choose of, but every job has its own pros and cons, No matter what your age is, you will never know what your “perfect” career looks like.

Two-year-old Mila and Emma of Phoenix, AZ understands this very well. Depite their tiny age, these girls are already taking into consideration potential carriers – and their hilarious conversation has everyone cracking up.

Emma is thinking about several jobs to take on in the future, but her sister Mila’s arguments are priceless.

Watch the adorable clip for yourself below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
These two are just too cute! I’m sure they’re going to shine in their chosen careers, no matter what they end up doing.

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