Triplets get pregnant at the same time. Their ultrasounds on live TV stuns the audience

October 16, 2017 Stories

Some things are a rare phenomenon but not uncommon. For instance, the odds of having twins are 1.5 percent in the 21st century.
Triplet sisters happened to be pregnant at the same time. The identical triplet sisters Jaclyn, Nicole, and Erica were features on TheDoctorsshow. Erica is Jay McGraw wife, who is the show’s executive producer. Jay McGraw is Dr. Phil’s son from Dr.Phil’s show.

The husbands to the twins were invited onto the stage as their wives got an ultrasound on live TV. Nobody knew the sex of their children at this point.

Jaclyngoes first and the ultrasound shows a baby rubbing its nose. The doctors reveal it is a baby girl and everyone goes “aww.”

The doctors presumed one of thetriplets could be pregnant with multiples given her husband’s family history.
Watch the excitement as the twins get their ultrasound on live TV.
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