Toddler With Down Syndrome Beats Cancer For The Second Time And Is Now Able To Hear

January 11, 2020 Stories

Every year, approximately 15,700 children are diagnosed with cancer. As the number one cause of death by disease in children today, no parent wants to hear the news that their son or daughter is a victim.

Baby Grace Rosian, unfortunately, was struck with cancer not once but twice, specifically a type of leukemia called transient myeloproliferative disorder or TMD for short. In addition to her cancer diagnosis, Grace was born two months prematurely and diagnosed with Down syndrome. Rather than getting straight to bonding with their sweet newborn, Grace’s parents were frantic and unprepared regarding meeting the health needs of their baby.

Just two days after Grace was born, she underwent chemotherapy. For two months, the infant spent her time in the NICU, alternating between time in an incubator and undergoing cancer treatment. Unlike other new parents, Grace’s parents didn’t have the luxury of holding their own baby often.

Fortunately, things started looking up for Grace. That is until she started to have health problems again at 10 months. Again, she went to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a more serious form of blood cancer that’s not uncommon in children with Down syndrome, acute myeloid leukemia (AML).

Due to how critical this form of cancer is, and the fact that it can eat away at her bone marrow, Grace was given further treatment.  A part of her eight-month-long treatment included 10 spinal tap operations since the cancer was located in her spine.

Luckily for Baby Grace, the treatments went smoothly, and she was once again deemed cancer-free!

Not only did the little one beat cancer twice, but she also received hearing aids for a hearing impairment she was diagnosed with at birth. Initially, she appeared nervous or shocked when she heard sound for the very first time, as anyone would who has never been able to hear. However, Grace quickly adapted to her fifth sense and would then be able to enjoy life at home with her mom and dad where she belonged.

As Grace was wheeled out of her room in a stroller at the Cleveland Hospital, the staff enthusiastically cheered, which you can see in the video below!

“We’re gonna go home and have a big party,” Mom told her sweet baby once she was given the news that she no longer required further treatment.

Hopefully, this will be the last of Grace’s health problems. She truly deserves to live a long, healthy life full of happiness!

Source: Metaspoon