Toddler hears grandma unintentionally say “bad word,” completely goes off on her

May 11, 2018 Other

Sometimes there are things we do or those around us do we never want our kids to listen to and start practicing. No matter how hard we try to do them while away from them, at times we do forget they are around and still do them. Meet Jose, a two-year-old girl who has been attentive with how those around her act.

Josie is not pleased with something and is letting her feelings known. Here, the little kid is scolding her aunt and what she has acquired so far from her “training” is being witnessed. Her father, Eric Palonen noticed the tantrum her daughter was throwing and decided to record the whole happening.

Josie does not shy off from telling those around her how mad she is –and it’s for a good reason. She is mad because Mimi, her aunt used a word she does not think is right. The word was “poop” and according to her, it’s a “bad word.”

The best moment was when I saw the little girl move her arms as she talks. You may think she has practicing this for a while. All she was thinking about was going home to have a rest before Aunt Mimi upset her.

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