Toddler dressed as Queen’s Guard salutes soldiers. Then one of them breaks formation and does the unexpected

June 9, 2018 Stories


Even the most stoical of the Queen‘s guards would find it hard not to crack a smile after watching this video.

On his 4th birthday, Imogen Echo Scott took her son Marshall, watch the Changing of the Guard at Windsor Castle.

Dressing just like the soldiers he’d be seeing — complete with a tiny red coat and the signature Bearskin hat, Marshall got a sweet surprise when one of the Queen’s guards, Lance Corporal Paul Eden, came back out to give the “little soldier” a salute and to pose with him for a photo. The 4-year-old boy then responded with an adorable salute.

Eden said that seeing Marshall reminded him of himself as a child — and he wanted to give him a lasting memory.

And if the excitement of that day wasn’t enough, Edden later reached out to the family and offered Scott and Imogen a tour of Windsor Castle.

Watch the adorable encounter in the video below:

Just look at that little salute. Who knows, we could be looking at the next great guardsman. if you enjoyed watching this heart-melting scene, then share it with your friends!