Tips to Burst Your Belly Bloat

September 2, 2017 Health

You maybe suffering from belly bloat and feel like you’re fat. The truth is that your stomach’s roundness may be coming from a build up in your stomach of gasses. This can often happen after a big meal, but for some people, it seems like a constant state of being. These tips can help you to burst your belly bloat for a more comfortable and confident you.

• Increase your water intake. Belly bloat can often occur because your body is trying to retain fluids to keep you from dehydrating.

• Add more fiber to your diet. Constipation can contribute to bloating, and fiber can help to make you regular. For instance, drink more smoothies filled with berries and trade your white bread for whole grain bread.

• Work on your stress levels. Being under stress can also contribute to the way that your body eliminates waste, and can increase your belly bloat. Find stress reduction actions that work for you, such as meditation, yoga, or squeezing a stress ball.

• Chew your food slowly in smaller bites. If you wolf down your food as fast as possible, you may be contributing to the build up in your gas in your stomach.

• Reducing your carb intake can also help to slay your belly bloat. It can be beneficial to reduce your carb intake by cutting out alcohol and sugary processed foods with more vegetables and fruits.

These tips should help you to get rid of that belly bloat once and for all.