Tiny girl sees white bearded man at store and thinks he’s Santa – He drops to his knee and plays along perfectly

December 27, 2017 Stories

As a little kid, the only place that I used to know where Santa is found is in a public place where there are many people, more especially in the stores. While looking at the clip below, I have come to realize that it was not my point of view alone, but many children think the same way too.

In the video, we see a mother and her little daughter of about 3-4 years inside the store. They had gone there to shop for Christmas. While there, the little girl confused by an old man who was doing some shopping to be Santa. Since little kids know that Santa will take them for a photo and issue them with some gifts, the little girl went directly up to him thinking that she had seen one.

On realizing that he had been confused to be Santa, the old man decided to behave like one and asked the little girl some questions, of which she was very delighted to answer them.

Watch the clip below to see what the little girl and the old man were conversing. Let us know what you would have dome were you the old man in the clip below, by commenting in the section below.
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