Timid teen breaks down in tears after singing “Hallelujah.” But her chilling rendition is one judges will never forget

April 13, 2018 Other

Probably we all have that song we want to sing no matter where we are, shower, street, car.. But this one teen’s rendition of her favorite song is way better than anything we ever could belt out! Practicing in the mirror for months, Mariana was ready to prove she can make it to the finals of The Voice Kids. Her incredible talent was enough to impress not only the judges but also the world, and this is what happened.. By the end of her performance, the judges showered her with beautiful compliments that made her shed tears of joy.

When Mariana told her parents that she wants to become a famous singer and show to the world that she has a good voice. they weren’t taken aback at all, their beloved teen daughter started and loved singing from the time she could talk — and she did it very good. She would belt out her favorite musicals, hits she heard on radio. In fact, Most of her memories are about her singing. Her parents realized that singing is becoming her passion so when she got older, they supported her to engage into the school choir and pursue her talents there, but it wasn’t enough for Mariana. Her insatiable thirst for a life in the music industry wasn’t going away with a simple role in her school choir!

When she reached the age permitted to audition on The Voice Kids, she went for it. To prove her talent, she didn’t pick an easy song. Instead, Mariana chose to sing a song only the best singers could handle. Her rendition of this classic (and quite frankly, inspirational) song is something that everyone should hear at least once in their lives…

Watch her full audition and the reaction of the judges in the video below:

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