Three Legged Dog Welcoming His Human Soldier May Be The Best Thing You’re Gonna See Today

November 23, 2017 Dogs

Pet’s can bring so much happiness and meaning to our lives, and that certainly was the case for this soldier when he came home from deployment. The sheer excitement shown by his beloved dog, Chance, the three legged golden retriever, is the best homecoming welcome he could have.

Chance, may only have three legs, but the enormous heart that he has more than makes up for that. He doesnt let anything slow him down or get in his way. The energy, exceitement, and boundless love this dog shows for his owner must have been better than any parade or medal his owner could ever receive.

After all that time away from home, it must have felt so wonderful to be welcomed with such love. The brave men and women who serve in the military should never wonder if they are missed while they are away from home. It is safe to say that Chance’s owner knows he was deeply missed, given his pets reaction at seeing him.

Captured below in this homecoming video, Chance can be seen waiting, if somewhat impatiently, at the front door of his home. The moment he sees his owner get out of his truck on his return from deployment, Chance dashes over to him, bounding with joy.

This video shows us that there are two things which should never be unappreciated or underestimated and they are the sacrifice that the men and women in uniform make for us and their country, and the unconditional love that a dog gives us.

You’ll want to watch this video over and over again and share it with all your friends. Many homecoming videos have members of the military surprising spouses, children, friends or other relatives, while this video shows a service member surprise his beloved dog, someone he loves every bit as much as he loves his family and friends. It is certainly a “welcme home” done right!