These photographers get interrupted by wildlife, and their photos are so much better for it

October 29, 2018 Stories

Do you ever sit back and wonder about what the conditions of an animal photographer are like? How do they manage to get such beautiful images? The simple fact is they respect nature and wildlife.

We hear a lot of stories in the news lately of people hunting and killing animals and it’s a real tragedy. Especially when some of these animals or on the endangered species list.

There’s only one way to shoot animals in a humane fashion – that, of course, is becoming a wildlife photographer. Shooting pictures of nature is much greater than physically shooting animals. Don’t believe us? Check out some of these photos, we promise it’s so much more rewarding.

We’ve scoured the internet to find some of our favourite examples of photographers interacting with nature in the cutest fashion.

Check out these awesome animal photographers who chose to shoot animals the correct way

Let us know which images you loved the most. It’ll be a hard choice, we promise you that, but you will definitely enjoy these twenty examples we have for you.

Years of practice, training, patience and humanity is what makes these photographers amazing human beings. Some photos show animals hiding, others show them cuddling and some just want to get involved with taking pictures themselves.

I honestly can’t imagine having some of these events happen to me, but it would be awesome to experience them.











Which of these awesome animal photographers do you think had the best interaction with wildlife?