The Tragic Reason Dog Jumps Over The Gate Every Day

November 11, 2019 Dogs

At the beginning of last month in September, a heartbreaking video landed on the internet, with touching scenes not missing.

Touching scenes were taken care of by a dog who jumped the fence every day and fled away to unknown places.

The owner of the dog Geumdong confided to the media that her pet skipped the fence every day and then went out on his own. Not knowing where the dog was going, she installed a security camera around his neck.

At first, Geumdong roamed around the city, then headed to the nearby forest, as if someone was waiting for him there. What the owner revealed to the media has moved many to tears. Even the owner herself!

It turned out that the dog had a brother Eundong who passed away recently. The owner buried him right at the spot where the Geumdong used to go every day. These are undoubtedly scenes that bring tears to every person’s face!