The Tenors perform famous classic – have no clue legendary singer is behind them

November 5, 2018 Stories

Music group The Tenors are known for their deep, powerful voices, and their ability to mix tenor, bass and baritone in perfect harmony. So it’s no surprise that when the four men stand on stage together to perform a hearty rendition of Leonard Cohen’s masterpiece “Hallelujah“, the majority of people are ready to experience something special.

But what neither the audience nor the group themselves realized was that one of the world’s most famous singers was hiding behind the scenes – ready to make the evening even more unforgettable.

A short time into the performance, the curtains suddenly parted. As if from nowhere, behind the singers, she walked out… Canadian superstar Céline Dion.

You can see the surprise etched on the faces of The Tenors. Of course, they’re more than happy to share the stage with her, and Dion ensures she’s not the main attraction. Instead, she complements the song nicely, becoming the fifth member of the group for that special number.

The end result… well, it’s certainly magical.