The Laws Of Physics Give A Road-Raging Biker A Taste Of Karma As He Crashes

October 10, 2019 Stories

Human stupidity knows no bounds. This claim is repeatedly proven by many road drivers who endanger other road users with their unwise moves.

An unwise move these days was made by a motorcyclist, but immediately afterwards he also received an instant lesson!

In Ocean Beach, California, one driver filmed a scene when he was dangerously overtaken by a Mini Cooper driver. Just a few seconds later, he was overtaken by a motorcyclist who apparently had something with the driver mentioned earlier.

The unsuspecting motorcyclist then decided to take the right in his hands – while approaching the driver of a Mini Cooper, he kicked the car hard with his foot.

Physical laws took care of the next moment, and the motorcyclist soon landed on the ground. Many on the web wrote that this was a “God punishment” that a motorcyclist will surely remember for all eternity. Another proof that disputes should in no way be resolved on the roads!