Terrified Pit Bull is saved from fighting ring – now watch his reaction when he receives his first treat

August 5, 2018 Dogs

One thing I have never understood is how people could ever participate in dog fighting. What kind of person would turn innocent animals against each other and force them to fight to the death?

These poor creatures were born with the desire to love and be cared for, but they are instead abused by humans, their loyalty and trust taken advantage of.

That’s what happened to a pit bull named Finn. Finn was rescued from an infamous dog fighting ring known as “the 367” because of how many dogs were rescued from the multi-state ring.

When he was rescued, Finn was understandably distrustful and terrified of humans. He wouldn’t even take a treat when it was offered to him.

Thankfully, Finn’s rescuers patiently worked with him, slowly and diligently earning his trust after all of the trauma he’d had to endure.

After a lot of time and work, Finn finally realized that the people he was now with only sought to love and care for him.

He was safe.

It was when he realized this that he finally felt safe enough to accept treats from his humans, and that’s when he realized what he had been missing!

Finn’s owner posted a video of him eating a bit of pizza crust, and his reaction will warm your heart and have you laughing with glee!

When Finn got his first taste of the yummy treat, he couldn’t contain himself. He raced around the room, literally bouncing off the walls in excitement!

What a beautiful sight to witness! This dog who was once so frightened and abused is now overflowing with joy and energy!

It’s amazing to see what love can do!

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