Teens see pretty girl in next car and try to make eye contact – Then she looks at them and mouths ‘Help Me’

February 25, 2018 Stories

When teenagers Jamal Harris and Aaron Arias went out for a drive together, they had no idea that they would soon be looking at the prettiest lady on the street. That’s before they turned their heads to the car beside them and saw a lady in the backseat. They were smitten!

As teenage as they were, with all the young hormones in play, they lingered their gaze on her looking for a chance to make eye contact. When she finally looked at them, they instantly turned into heroes of the town!

Turns out, 25-year-old had been kidnapped by the guy in the front seat. She looked through the car window and mouthed “help me” at the teens. The two good sons took the cue and followed the kidnapper’s car as they called the cops. The cops showed up and the woman was rescued.

Charles Atkins Lewis, 37, was arrested and charged with robbery and kidnapping. Thanks to these two, the lady was all fine and safe. She even met them and gave them some nice hugs!
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