Teen is upset and starts crying, then the cats reacts in the most touching way

August 30, 2017 Pets

There’s something really special about being best friends with a domestic animal, especially pets. If you’ve a pet, then you’ve most probably noticed that they always seem to sense when you’re in bad moods. Cats and dogs have been known to possess such cool capabilities, and they always find a way to comfort their sad humans. Alyssa Patty has experienced that first-hand!

Alyssa has a cute little feline named Delilah, and the two are quite an item. Every time Alyssa gets in a bad mood, Delilah always seems to notice and spring into action. In this video, Alyssa is having a bad episode. She lies on the floor crying. When little Delilah sees that, she does the cutest thing ever. I love her already!

Just watch the video and feel the love.

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