Target worker steps in when toddler has tantrum in store – mom captures her actions that are going viral

January 15, 2019 Stories

Parents of young children all know the feelings of dread that come when your toddler starts throwing a temper tantrum in a public place. All eyes seem to turn on the parent as bystanders start sneering and making rude comments like, “This is why I’ll never have kids.”

Brianna Lelos is a young mother who recently found herself in this position when her little girl started throwing a tantrum at their local Target in Wilmington, Massachusetts. Just when Brianna was starting to lose all hope that she could get the situation under control, an unlikely person stepped in to save the day.

Brianna’s little girl threw a massive fit, and she ended up kicking and screaming on the floor of the store. Right when things started to get really bad, an employee named Liliana appeared out of nowhere and headed right for the toddler. She sat with the toddler until she calmed down and was ready to resume shopping with Brianna!

Brianna was so touched by what Liliana did for her that she snapped a photo and posted it to Twitter along with the caption, “To Liliana of the Wilmington, MA @Target store: Thank you. I *think* every parents knows the feeling of their toddler/any age child having a tantrum in the middle of the store……”

Brianna then thanked Target for making sure that their employees have such good values and are willing to go above and beyond for their customers. We applaud Liliana for stepping up to help a mother who needed it, and we’re sure that Brianna will never forget what she did for her!

Next time you see someone in a similar situation. Instead of shaking your head and looking away, show some compassion and offer a helping hand if it’s needed.

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