Talented Woman Sings In Empty Church, Angelic Performance Takes Over Many

November 14, 2019 Other

From Spain comes a wonderful video, in which one talented singer impressed many when she visited one of the churches there.

She sang a part of the song “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”, and with the appearance, she captured many users online!

Malinda Kathleen Reese visited an empty church in Montefrio, Spain, and sang a Christmas song “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” there. Her voice echoed so well in the empty church that the whole scene from the video were described as angelic.

Malinda has been posting numerous covers on her Youtube channel, and her performance of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” has quickly earned her worldwide fame.

When you hear Malinda’s wonderful singing performance, you will no doubt enjoy the video. Listen to an angelic performance that is already a hit online!