Student Has To Receive A Call On Speaker In Front Of Her Class. Now Keep Your Eye On The Professor. Hilarious!

June 4, 2017 Videos


There’s this cool professor working at Aquinas College based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Now, Professor Stephen Barrow isn’t the kind of guy to allow minor distractions like ringing phones to interrupt his class sessions. If your phone rings during his lesson, he’ll have you receive the call and put it on speaker for all to hear!

Well, it seems like someone has binding their time to use this strictness against the professor. On April’s Fools day, Taylor Nefcy made sure to keep her phone on in class. The whole class was in on the secret and the pending hilarity, expect poor professor Stephen. Well, someone called Taylor in class!

As expected, the professor had her put it on speaker. Next? Total hilarity! Turns out, Taylor had arranged for a friend to call her and tell her she was pregnant. You must want to see the professor’s face when the “news” broke followed up with a “congratulations!” I can’t stop laughing. They got him!

Watch the clip here and hurt your ribs with the laughter. In fact, over 55 million people have watched this.

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