Strong Winds Destroy Trees During Ciara Storm In Austria

February 11, 2020 Other


The Ciara storm, which caused major damage in the UK yesterday, has moved to southeast Germany and north Austria today.

In Austria a video was captured this morning in which we can see the inexorable power of the wind.

Wind gusts reached up to 150 kph (93 mph) in UK, and on the border with Scotland, a river also ripped off a part of the hotel there. Ruins landed in the river, and passers-by captured the whole scene on camera.

A video from the Mühlviertel region in northern Austria has landed on the Facebook today. Local resident Melanie Kuschl captured the relentless wind power on her cellphone, when it was tearing down tree after tree in a nearby forest.

Germany and Austria report that very high winds occur in exposed areas, with gusts exceeding 100 kph (62 mph). See how Mother Nature showed its power in northern Austria today.