Street Dancer Gets People’s Attention, But It’s The Little Old Lady In Pink Coat Who Steals The Spotlight

March 5, 2018 Stories


Pablo Woodward a.k.a Disco Bunny was entertaining passers-by in Brington on one sunny day. The energetic dancer in his bright yellow body suit kept busting some serious dance moves in order to draw the attention of people. However, he had no clue that his modest show will catch one person’s interest.

Dancing is one of the most fun activities for anyone to do. It has health benefits in many aspects: Physical, emotional and social. After a long day at work, you can put on some music and dance to it and believe me, you’ll forget all the tiredness and all the stress you’ve been going through during the day. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, when the rhythm strikes you just right, you have to move!


So while Disco Bunny was jumping and dancing to the good oldie “Twist and Shout,” A group of people stood by to watch him. Some of them couldn’t help but join him in the fun, like a couple of younger men who showed off some hip hop moves and a few teens who were laughing along the groovy song, and there is also a man who sitting on the sidewalk nearby and quickly grabbed his drumsticks on the concrete to give more rythme to the song


But one particular person who wasn’t expected to join in at all. Ezda who was recording the scene, noticed a senior citizen on standing nearby. She looked like she’s about to do something. The song probably reminded her of her youth days and finally she couldn’t keep it together. She is set free!

Swimming her arms, pointing her fingers, , wiggling all about and even threw in a few fancy steps. She is simply awesome to watch! It’s just another proof that music can touch the soul of anyone. Get ready and watch this gorgeous lady dancing like no one is watching.. I wish I can be brave like her and dance in public like that..

This beautiful lady still got it.. What a pure joy to watch her enjoying her time.. If you loved this video like we did, SHARE it with your friends and family and spread some joy!