Stray dog is so afraid of humans he gives heart-wrenching reaction when rescuer tries to catch her

December 10, 2018 Dogs

Love is what everyone needs in this world. The dog in the video below also needed some—desperately!

Recently, Hope for Paws, a non- profit animal rescue organisation, got a call about a stray dog living at the parking lot of a hospital. Hearing this, Eldad Hagar, one of the leaders of the organisations, immediately set out to the scene.

He found the dog and, but she didn’t want to give in easily. So, he sneaked up from behind to capture her. He caught her, but the poor dog was so scared, she couldn’t stop jumping and whimpering. She first tried to run away. But then she calmed down and let Eldad pet him. Finally, she trusted him and let him take her away to safety.

The dog is now named Oakley, and she is safe in Hope For Paws. She now has a chance to start her life again and forget all the terrifying memories her life gave her.

Watch the beautiful video of Oakley’s rescue below: