Stray Dog Alone in The Desert But Refuse to Leave. Reason is Bringing The Internet to Tears

October 5, 2017 Dogs

A rescue team in the California desert made an unbelievable discovery as they walk through the desert.
With the unforgiving desert temperatures as high as 120 degrees, the rescue team discovered a dog that was living in the desert. This is not normal for most animals so the team drew the conclusion there must be something drawing the dog to the desert and they knew they had to rescue the dog.
On further investigations, they found out the dog had been living in the desert for months. After a lot of tracking they managed to find the dog and what it was that made her decide to return to the desert. Right next to the spot where she would always stay, were the remains of her friend, another dog that had been killed months ago, this dog had been returning to be with her dead friend.
The rescuers had to carry the remains of her friend back to the city so that they could convince this dog to leave the unforgiving desert which could have caused her death as well. Share this touching story and remind your friends how loyal dogs can be to their friends.