Special Cat with “Bunny” Paws is Melting Everyone’s Hearts. Now Two Months After Rescue..

October 20, 2017 Pets

Ever seen a hoping kitten? Meet Alealani the unique kitten!
What a special kitten to watch! Unlike other kittens, this one prefers to sit upright on her back legs, and imitating the bunny by hoping around.

Aleani, also called Lani, was rescued and brought to the Saving Grace Rescue, situated in San Francisco. During the rescue mission, Lani was saved together with her mother and other kittens. Of all the kittens, she was the smallest, and her front legs were curved inwards because of a condition known as radial hypoplasia.

When Lana was taken to a foster home, all she wanted was to have an opportunity to play around like any other cat. For this reason, she started to play, hop and run around. Despite the fact that she had bent front limbs, nothing seemed to hinder her from playing.

Actually, she was rescued in Northern Carolina, and taken to a shelter in in Sna Francisco, before being fostered by Cheryl Bush, the same person who is currently fostering Kanga Roo the cat. Speaking to Love Meow, Joyce revealed that Cheryl decided to look after the three kittens, since they were only three weeks of age.

When the kittens were old enough to be adopted, Lani seemed too small still, so they decided to leave her first so that she can grow a little bit before being adopted. By seven weeks, Lani still weighed less that a pound, actually, she was exactly 14.8 ounces.

Joyce, the same person who had adopted Kanga Roo, decided to adopt Lani. This was back in August 20th. She had to feed her using a syringe, meaning that the food had to be in liquid form.

Within seven days of feeding Lani, she increased by 5 pounds, and she could now go down the stairs without any issue.
Currently, Lani is 13 weeks old, and she weights 2 pounds. She is very jovial and playful.