Southwest flight attendant unleashes hilarious safety demonstration that has flyers laughing in their seats

March 27, 2018 Stories

Having to board a flight can be a little scary, given that some people have a fear of extreme heights and planes. But everyone knows that plane accidents are actually very rare as compared to cars and other modes of transport. In fact, passengers in every flight are always briefed on all safety precautions before a plane glides off the runway.

Luckily, there are people like Marty Cobb out there who do their best to relieve passengers’ anxiety and try to put a smile on their faces. Marty shares a quick comedy act while explaining the safety features to the passengers.

We’ve got the chance to see her “set” thanks to someone who recorded it and shared it online.

If you are used to taking flights for your trips, you can understand the spiel flight attendants give before takeoff. They insist on the importance of keeping your seatbelt on when the indicator is on, then they recommend you to make sure that the seatbelt fits correctly. After this, they show the passengers on how to fit themselves with the overhead air mask, then help kids who can’t do it.  While it looks like a long boring speech, but it’s required by the law and very important for those don’t know.

Mary, is an experienced flight attendant and knows this speech like the back of her hand. She totally understands that some passengers get quickly tired or uninterested by it, so to grab their attention, she uses a unique way to mix things up a bit. The moment she starts, everyone is delighted, even her fellow flight attendants can’t help but chuckle. Marty herself couldn’t hide her grin as she worked her way through the jokes!

I won’t give them all away right now – you’ll have to watch the video below to get the full impact of Marty’s hilarious safety speech! We need more flight attendants like her in the friendly skies!

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