Son uses his own money in secret to buy gorgeous house – then plans epic surprise for his parents

June 7, 2018 Stories


LeJuan James is a famous YouTuber, he gained his popularity thanks to his humor and passion he injects into his own videos.

Before becoming one of the most known YouTube personalities, probably no one heard of him and knew who LeJuan James is.

LeJuan said that he is who he is today because of his parents and he’s so grateful to them for everything they’ve done for him so far.

His parents were married for 33 years, the family moved from Puerto Rico to the U.S, the parents sacrificed everything for their children to have the things they didn’t have growing up. The mom was a cleaner at Disney World during the days and pharmacy employee during the nights. The dad, meanwhile, was a maintenance worker who also did shifts at Burger King – he often worked nights.

To pay even just a little bit of their efforts and tireless work during these many years, LeJuan planned to give his parents the ultimate gift.
Now, that LeJuan became an independent man with a good career, he can’t stop being grateful to his parents for all the days and nights they spent working hard to provide everything he and his siblings needed. Ever since he was a young boy, he had a dream that one day he would be able to buy his parents a new home.

After all these years, he was able to make it happen. He put blindfolds on mom and dad and lead them into a residential area. The parents are of course, confused and had no clue what is the surprise. When they arrived to the right house, LeJuan asked them to take off their blindfolds.

At first, they though he’s bought himself a new house… then they told them that the gift is for them.

It’s an emotional moment that the family certainly won’t forget. LeJuan himself couldn’t stop the tears from flowing down his face.
LeJuan didn’t forget or ignore what his parents did for him during all these years, he wanted to do something for them too. What a good son! and what an amazing surprise, You’ve got to see their reaction: it’s priceless!

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