Son Surprises His Mom For Christmas Who Was Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

December 5, 2019 Stories

These days, one video from the past year has moved many to tears when an author visited his sick mother.

The whole story is heartbreaking, and the video has circled the web again, especially at the expense of a truly magical unfolding!

Jacob Hendry visited his mother in the past year just before Christmas, who was diagnosed with lung cancer. Her chance of survival was estimated at just 17 percent at the time.

As soon as the news reached Jacob, he set out on a journey to surprise his sick mother at Christmas time. The surprise was a pure success and the tears of happiness were not lacking during the reunion.

The video’s author re-shared the video of the visit yesterday, noting that a miracle had taken place within a year. Namely, his mother beat the odds, and is now 100% cancer free, as doctors did not detect the tumor at the last examination. Another proof that life is full of miracles!