Soldiers Form A Straight Line. Now Watch When Man On Far Left Jumps Up In The Air

February 9, 2018 Stories


Military parades are patriotic and enjoyable especially when marching bands kick off the festivities, impress citizens with their musical chops and march in unison. One talented marching band decided to break from the norm and take their routine up to another level – and their incredible skills have quickly gone viral!

Many dozen Thai soldiers took their positions in one line wearing their uniforms and carrying rifles. the moment the patriotic music starts, they march together, swinging their firearms in perfect unison. Suddenly, the music switched from Disney’s “It’s A Small World” to Europe’s “The Final Countdown,”. At that moment, the soldier on the far left jumps in the air, followed by the next, and the next…creating the appearance of a wave. Then, the soldiers move their rifles one by one, followed by their helmets. With each action they flow together seamlessly, in a rhythm that is truly mesmerizing to the eye.


Their synchronized routine turned instantly into a huge slow-motion wave as one soldier after the other makes his jump in the air, milliseconds apart from each other. When the last soldier on the far right takes the final jump, that’s when the real choreography really starts off!

Does their incredible moves remind you of something?


Exactly! these military men look like a real live set of dominoes! After the jump reached the last soldier, it sped up back through the line.

There is nothing rigid, quick, or expected from this military-style performance! The marching band’ slow-motion special effects are truly mind-blowing! Check out the video below to see these magical dominoes come to life.


Wow, the Royal Thai Navy sure has talent! You won’t believe what you’re seeing!

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