Soldier goes on leave to meet newborn daughter, walks in hospital room and freezes in place

June 2, 2018 Stories

It was not new for Chelsea Osborne to miss his husband for every event as Jake oath to serve his nation as a soldier. But this time it was something special as The Osborne couple was expecting the arrival of their first baby. In September the couple found out about the arrival of the newborn. Just one month after the couple came to knew about the arrival of their first baby, Jake was posted for months. Chelsea had no ideas when Jake is going to return. She only hoped for Jake’s return.

On the other hand, Jake was also worried about his wife and the would-be-born. He had no idea how Chelsea was having her toughest days without him. Jake thought that he will not be able to Chelsea’s sides at the time of delivery. Chelsea on the other side set off for the hospital with Jake’s sister and her family. Suddenly one day commander of Lieutenant Jake Osborne came up with the news of returning back to home.

Jake said that he was made into the flight within two days. Jake got the news of the arrival of the baby girl on his way back to home. Tears rolled down from his eyes when he saw the baby. For the first time, Jake took the baby in his own arm. They named the baby girl Paisley.