Skating team moves hearts with daring choreography to Bohemian Rhapsody

February 21, 2020 Cool

“Bohemian Rhapsody” one of the most famous songs in music history. The song has been performed thousands of times. However, the performance you’re about to see is so unique that it has never been done like this before.

This incredible performance was made by the NEXXICE Senior team at the Canadian Synchronized Skating Championships. The team knew they had to do their best to win the competition so they chose the 1975 Queen hit as the backdrop of their performance.

The long song features a host of tempo and tone changes, making it a good song selection to show off a range of motion. With the varying aspects, the team had to learn five different sets that would all be rolled into one massive performance.

The 16 skaters worked as one unit throughout the entirety of the song. After the rousing introduction, two of the groups of skaters separated from the group and joined hands and glided to the edge of the rink.

The remaining two groups skated closer together and began performing amazing lifts. This perfectly synchronized performance truly amazed the crowd. You simply have to see it for yourself to appreciate the true teamwork of this ice dance.

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