Sisters Sing Haunting Duet In Loving Memory Of Their Brother And Internet Needs Box Of Tissues

August 1, 2019 Other


Duane and Cindy Mullet are proud parents of their children. Father Duane works in the ministry, and Cindy takes care of children at home and teaches them.

Parents had experienced a showcking nightmare few years ago – one of their children tragically passed away.

The Mullett Family, Youtube
All members of the family have exceptional singing talent, which helps them to connect again and again.

Austin was only 16 years old when he already passed two heart transplants, and he also fought two different types of cancer.

At the end of last year, the family bowed down to the late Austin with a touching move. His little sister Kyra sang the song “I Can Only Imagine”, and the video shot made many people across the globe crying.

Listen to how a little girl, with the help of her family, paid tribute to her late brother!