Sisters prepare to show off cheer routine, but they have no idea young brother’s seconds away from stealing show

July 5, 2018 Stories

Fights are very normal between siblings. It becomes more and more frustrating when you’re not able to stop them. However, having a sibling is not always a bad thing though. It’s great to have someone you can relate to about mom and dad or school. Siblings have also their moments of joy and laughter. So when these two sisters wanted to record their practice session for their cheer routine. They asked mom to  film them and their young brother also offered to help by hitting play when they were ready to start the music. However, they never anticipated his little show behind them.


As the two sisters took their positions in the living room, their mom sat in front of them and hit record on her phone. Her son who appeared in the corner next to the speaker pressed the button for the music to start playing. The music began, but the little brother was up to something else, he decides to show off his dance skills and perform his own routine. The girls begin to cheer but the hilarious part is that they don’t realize their little brother is stealing the show with his own moves behind them.


The sisters are excited and smiling at the camera as little bro jumps and flails his arms around behind them. He kicks up his legs into the air too! When the chorus “I can make your hands clap” plays the silly boy decides to smack his behind in hilarious fashion. His sisters never notice but we’re sure the girls will have something to say about the footage once mom replays it for them. This routine just took a turn we’re sure mom will have to handle when the yelling starts. Watch it for yourself in the video below. You’ve gotta love when a sibling acts up!

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